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Date Film title Shown before the film Notes
December 19 "Karnavalnaya noch" ("Carnival Night") "Yeralash" no. 119  
December 12 "Chernaya vual" ("The Black Veil") by A. Proshkin, 1995 "Yeralash" no. 118 This film was recorded from NTV Russia. What a shitloads of advertising they put in there! Fast-forvarding the tape didn't help much.
December 5 "Vabank" (Poland; dubbed in Russian) "Yeralash" no. 117  
November 28 "Priklyucheniya Sherlocka Holmesa i doktora Vatsona: Sokrovishcha Agry" ("The Treasures of Agra") "Yeralash" no. 116  
November 21 "Letuchaya mysh" ("The Bat") "Yeralash" no. 114  
November 14 "Svadba v Malinovke" ("Wedding in Malinovka") "Yeralash" no. 113  
November 7 "Prikhodi na menya posmotret" ("Come to Look at Me") by O. Yankovsky, 2000 "Yeralash" no. 122  
October 31 "Desyat negrityat" ("Ten Little Niggers") "Yeralash" no. 112  
October 24 "Bednaya Sasha" ("Poor Sasha") "Yeralash" no. 111  
October 17 "Sestry" ("Sisters") by S. Bodrov Jr., 2001 "Yeralash" no. 110  
October 10 "Svadba" ("The Wedding") by P. Lungin, 2000 "Yeralash" no. 108  
October 3 "Fortuna" ("Fortune") by G. Daneliya, 2000 "Yeralash" no. 107  
September 26 "Telec" ("Taurus") by A. Sokurov, 2000 "Yeralash" no. 106 We didn't watch the whole film. It was too oppressive.
September 19 "Skaz pro to, kak tsar Pyotr arapa zhenil" ("Tale About Tsar Peter Arranging Arap's Wedding") "Yeralash" no. 105  
September 12 "Dvoryanskoe gnezdo" ("Nobiliary Nest") "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
September 5 "Kin-dza-dza" "Yeralash" no. 104  
August 29 "Brilliantovaya ruka" ("Diamond Hand") "Yeralash" no. 103  
August 1
July 25
July 18
"Voina i mir" ("War and Peace"), four series    
July 11 "Vam i ne snilos'..." ("You Have Not Seen It Even in a Dream..."), 1980 "Yeralash" no. 99  
July 4 "Alhimiki" ("The Alchemists"), 2000 "Yeralash" no. 98  
June 27 "Blagotvoritelnyj bal" ("Benefit Ball") by E. Sevela, 1995 "Yeralash" no. 97  
June 13 "Midnight in St. Petersburg" (in English, with Norwegian titles) "Yeralash" no. 96  
June 6 "Nezhnyj vozrast" ("The Tender Age") by S. Soloviev, 2000 "Yeralash" no. 95  
May 23 "Rus' iznachal'naja" ("The Ancient Russia"), 1986 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV Board meeting took place the hour before the film
May 23 "Vor" ("The Thief") by P. Chukhraj, 1997 "Yeralash" no. 94  
May 16 "Romanovy - ventsenosnaya semya" ("The Romanovs") by G. Panfilov, 2000 "Yeralash" no. 93  
May 9 "Dnevnik ego zheny" ("His Wife's Diary") by A. Uchitel, 2000 Cartoon "Krochka Enot" ("The Little Raccoon")  
May 2 "Povtornaya svad'ba" ("Repeated Wedding") by G. Natanson, 1975 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
April 25 "Sobaka Baskervilej" ("The Hound of the Baskervilles") "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
April 18 "Zhenshchin obizhat' ne rekomenduetsya" ("It's Not Recommended to Offend Women") by V. Akhadov, 1999 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
April 4 "Osobennosti natsionalnoj rybalki" ("Peculiarities of the National Fishing") "Yeralash" no. 91, 92  
March 28 "DMB 2" "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
March 21 "Prezident i ego vnuchka" ("The President and His Daughter") by T. Keosayan, 2000 Cartoon "Seryi volk and Krasnaya shapochka"  
March 14 "Landish Serebristiy" ("The Silver Lily-of-The-Valley") by T. Keosayan, 2000 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
March 7 "Chek" ("The Cheque") by B. Giller and A. Borodyansky, 2000 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
February 28 "Zavist' bogov" ("The Envy of Gods") by V. Menshov, 2000 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV There was a scene in the film when the heroes were caught in a cinema in the middle of a movie by a passport check (such sudden checks were done in the Soviet Union at Andropov's time to catch wag workers). Just a minute after that, two university security persons came into the auditorium, stopped the movie and asked Katja to show the letter confirming the auditory booking, for which she had to leave to her office. It was the first such bold a check since we were allowed to use the auditorium. Our loud laugh and applause followed.
February 21 "DMB" ("Demobbed") by R. Kachanov, 2000 "Kukly" ("Dolls") on NTV  
February 14 "Tikhiye omuty" ("Still Weels"; = still waters run deep) by E. Ryazanov, 2000    
February 7 "Lunoi byl polon sad" ("The Garden Was Full of Moon"), 2000 "Yeralash" no. 109  
January 24 "The Sacrifice" ("Offret"; "Zhertvoprinochenie") by A. Tarkovsky    
January 17 "Lunnyj papa" ("Luna Papa"), 1999    

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