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Please address your requests regarding the website to "skazka_norway at mail ru". Remember to replace "at" with "@" and "mail ru" with "", and remove the spaces. Vadim The webmaster for site is Vadim Makarov.
  • If you have a question to me that may be answered by other people as well, it's a good idea to post it to our discussion forum (I'm checking the forum regularly and will see your question).
  • If you have a personal question to me, please never hesitate to contact me.
I'd be equally happy listen to your suggestions, receive material for publishing and assist you in maintaining your own pages on our sites.

About This Site

The site is supported by Skazka, Russian Society of Trondheim and intends to publish any information that might be of interest to Russians living in Norway (or otherwise connected to Norway) and to Norwegians (or other people living in Norway) interested in Russia, Russian culture and language*.
*On this site: Russian = citizen of or person with origin from any any ex-USSR state, usually speaking Russian well (I hope you're not offended by this definition, it was introduced purely for the sake of brevity). The same extension applies to other Russia- terms.
In other words, if you have something to say that may fit under the "Russian Norway" topic, please contact the webmaster. You will get all necessary assistance in publishing and will be able to update your pages through the webmaster or, if desired, directly.

We deliberately limit the scope of this site to make it a focused, and thus better, resource. However, other publishing needs of our members can be also fulfilled (e.g. a small business page).


Other people that contributed to this site (this list is not updated since 2002, because the contributors have become too many to keep track of them all...): Natalia Biritschevskaya, Viktoria Fossum, Knut Foerland, V. L., Pavel Prokhorov, Albert Lysko, Ekaterina Prasolova-Foerland, Hans Ivar Skjelbred, Olga Ressem, Julia Gutovskaya, Artem Vakhitov, Polina Pilipenko, F. Breit. Special thanks to Joar Saether and Arne Dag Fidjestoel for setting up Majordomo mailing lists. Please reming me if somebody is missing on this list.


If you want to use text, images and other data from this site, please ask the webmaster first. I would either answer your request myself (if the materials you are asking about are mine) or connect you with the copyright owner.
In turn, we have obtained permissions from others for most of the stuff published on this site.

See also: Technical info about the site and Webmaster FAQ | Site statistics

Vadim Makarov
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