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Board of the Society

Chairman of the Board: Liudmila Ilyukhina cell phone: 48 60 65 11 president@skazka.no

Chief website editor: Nino Gvazava redaktor@skazka.no

Main photographer: Andrei Pavlov

Translator of the website into English: Tatiana Shuvalova

Responsible for developing rules of ads publishing: Irina Andreetta-Gorelkina

Website system administrator and responsible for the library: Ilya Gorelkin

Banquets coordinator: Larissa Risstad

Responsible holder of the leased room key: Nadezhda Sheina-Langmu

Deputy holder of the leased room key: Elena Dipvik

Gaming Club coordinator: Aleksei Ivanov

Contact us

E-mail president@skazka.no.

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Apart from this website follow us "ВКонтакте" and on Facebook.

Join the Society

Standard registration procedure is the following:

Step 1. Transfer 60 NOK to the Society's bank account: Skazka Russisk Forening, 4200.39.52937 (Type your surname in the field "melding").

Step 2. Send an e-mail to president@skazka.no. The letter should include the following information:

(* is necessary, the rest is optional)

  • Full name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • A student/not a student
  • An approximate date of money transfer (so that we could verify it)

- Age

- Address

- Occupation (profession/student/housewife etc.)

- Names of your children (to take part in the Children Club, to count gifts etc.)

Step 3. Receive an e-mail confirming that you are included in the members' list.

A simplified procedure of paying the membership fee and registration (pay cash and get on the list) acts on each event, organized by the society "Skazka"

On membership and membership fees

Our newsletters are read by over 450 people. However, the membership fee for 2011 was paid by just 150 people. The larger the list, the more considerable the Society is for the Trondheim Commune and the Russian Embassy, and the greater our chances of getting support are. We are also supported by the SiT (a student organization) - it is important for them to know the number of students among the members.

Price policy on the events organized by the Society encourages membership (members of the Society receive a discount, the difference is usually 50-100 NOK)

Members of the Society take part in the tickets raffle for concerts and events organized not by "Skazka", etc.

Membership fees are spent on website hosting, costumes, equipment for events, etc. The report on expenses and income is available for each member.

Subscribe to the newsletters on the life and culture of the Russian-speaking community is available to everyone, with no membership fee. Letters content does not depend on membership and contains no advertising.

The members list is not published on the website.

Together we are strong! We hope for your understanding and support!

Charter of the Society "Skazka"

The program

Contents and forms of the Society's activity.

Russian culturological society (RCS) "Skazka" was created for the purpose of in-depth study of Russian and world culture (literature and art), interesting folk customs and rituals, art of famous Russian and Norwegian writers, artists, actors, musicians.

RCS "Skazka" cooperates with other national and international societies in Norway. Close contact with such organizations as Studentsamskipnaden (students support organization) in Trondheim and Russian societies in other cities is of great interest to "Skazka".

Among the key objectives are informing members of the Society about the most interesting and important events in the social, economic and cultural life of Russia, Norway and other countries, about the achievements of Russian and Norwegian scientists, artists, writers and athletes, about celebrations, including personal. Working with children is a top priority.

One of the Society's tasks is to represent the interests of the Society as a whole and its individual members in the state and social institutions of Norway and to provide all possible assistance to members of the Society and other Russian-speaking residents of Norway.

The Charter regulations

RCS "Skazka" invites all interested persons to participate.

RCS "Skazka" is an open society.

All Russian-speaking residents of Trondheim and the surrounding communes, as well as their families and non-russian residents of these communes, studying Russian or interested in the history and culture of Russia, can become members of the Society.

One is considered member of the Society after paying the membership fee for the current calendar year. [1]

Duties related to the activities of the Society are voluntary. [1]

Decision on the availability and amount of the membership fee is taken at the annual general meeting. [1]

Members of the Society pay the annual fee at the beginning of each calendar year, before February 1. Admission of new members is conducted whole year-round. [1] Membership fees shall not be returned on leaving the Society. [2]

Each member of the Society may participate in the organization of various events:

  • Gatherings and meetings, celebrations and anniversaries
  • Films screenings
  • Theme evenings
  • Multinational events
  • Professional and amateur artistic performances
  • Art exhibitions
  • Events for children
  • Tours and excursions

The diversity of the Society's activities extends beyond the above mentioned list. Events organized by the Society are open to everyone. Members of the Society have priority at the events with a limited number of participants. There are discounts for members of the Society in case funds are collected for the event. [1]

Close contact with the commune's management and cooperation with a number of cultural and art organizations are among the Charter requirements.

Organizational matters

The Board regularly (at least once a year) reports to the members of the Society on progress, financial expenditure, future plans and events, and makes appropriate adjustments to their activities.

The general meeting is held at least once a year (more often - at the request of the Society's members) [2]. The members are informed about an upcoming general meeting no later than 7 calendar days before the Meeting. [3].

Issues related to the expenditure of public funds shall be decided at the general meeting.

Changes in the Сharter and budget are approved by an affirmative vote of at least two thirds of the members of the Society present at a general meeting. All other questions are confirmed by simple majority of the voters(that is, on the preponderance of the number of votes for and against whereas the number of blanc votes does not affect the outcome of the vote)[2].

All questions related to the life of society "Skazka" are solved collectively. Adoption of the budget and election of the Board are made on democratic principles - with open voting.

Chairman of the Board is elected for a term of 4 years [1]

The Board has the right to make changes to the budget during the year and shall inform members of the Society about the changes through an electronic mailing list without a general meeting. [3].

Board meetings are held once a quarter. Unscheduled meetings of the Board may be called at the request of one or more members of the Board, or at the request of several members of the Society.

Members of the Society have the right to attend Board meetings and participate in the discussion of the agenda, without voting rights.

The Society has an official emblem. The emblem can be placed on the official documents of the Society, such as: in the Charter, reports, letters, business cards etc. Description of the emblem: "Goldfish" is lying on the crest of a wave. The word "Skazka" is written above the goldfish in red in an old Russian style, so that the elements of the letters "K" and "A" are making a crown over the head of the fish (elements are highlighted in orange). The wave and the fish tail merge to form a semi-circle, limiting the emblem below. The wave is green with blue foam. The goldfish is yellow-orange. [1]

Program and Charter adopted by the constitutive meeting of RCS "Skazka". Trondheim, February 12, 2000.

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Russian society is registered in Brønnøysundregistrene (Central Coordinating Register of Legal Entities). Number of the organization: 982972876