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Board of the Society

Chairman of the Board: Elena Atarshchikova cell phone: 99 45 11 02

Contact us

E-mail post@skazka.no.

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Join the Society

Standard registration procedure is to fill out this form and pay the membership fee.

On membership and membership fees

The larger the memberlist, the more considerable the Society is for the Trondheim Commune, and the greater our chances of getting support are.

Price policy on the events organized by the Society encourages membership (members of the Society receive a discount, the difference is usually 50-100 NOK)

Membership fees are spent on website hosting, costumes, equipment for events, etc. The report on expenses and income is available for each member on the annual meeting.

The members list is not published on the website.

We hope for your understanding and support!

Russian society is registered in Brønnøysundregistrene (Central Coordinating Register of Legal Entities). Number of the organization: 982972876