Annual general meeting of "Skazka" in February 2013

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Dear friends, it is time for the annual general meeting of "Skazka" society.

The meeting will be held February 10 at 13.00 (Sunday). Place of meeting: Tempe helse - og velferdssenter, address: Valøyvegen 12

Valøyvegen 12

(see the map). Buses №3,9,46 til the bus stop: Valøyvegen.

Here you can find the preliminary agenda for the meeting.

Any member of the society can suggest questions to be discussed (please send your questions to All receieved suggestions will be published here.

NB! All e-mails regarding the meeting must be under the topic: SOBRANIE 2013.

There are vacancies in the working group of the society. If you would like to occupy one of the vacant positions, please nominate yourself in advance; all the applicants will be named here.

If you would like to create a new position in the working group of the society, please send your suggestions and they will be published here.

An important reminder: The meeting will be open for anyone but only those members of the society who has paid the membership fee for 2012 or 2013 will have the right to vote during the meeting.

An annual report about the society's activity will be prepared and sent to all the members before the meeting so that everyone could read it properly and in order to save time on the meeting. The report will be sent to e-mails given by members at entering the society.

Preliminary agenda of the meeting:

1. Registration of the meeting's participants (members of the society with the right of voting); collecting membership fee for 2013

All the participants must read all the materials beforehand (annual report, agenda of the meeting, plan of activities for 2013)

2. Elections of the chairperson of the meeting, secretary of the meeting, counting board.

3. Brief report of the Chairman of the Board about the society's activity in the previous year.

4. Discussion of the report

5. Brief introduction of the plan of activities and budget for 2013

6. Discussion, bringing changes and adding to the activities plan

7. Elections of the working group: self-promotion (anyone with a desire and opportunity to do smth in the society can work out a plan and become part of the active working group, f.e. organise an event, a festival, translate the web-site, be a secretary, a cameraman, a psychologist or a lawyer etc)- see list of vacancies below

8. Discussing and deciding on some organisational questions (see the questions below)

9. Presentation of diplomas and letters of appreciation

10. Other questions

Vacant positions:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Responsible for events for children
  • Librarian. Applicants: Ilya Gorelkin
  • Photographer
  • Writer of applications for grants from the municipality
  • Assistant on finding rooms for the society's events
  • Responsible for the room for regular meetings
  • Organiser of banquets
  • The committee of pancakes festival celebration
  • Responsible for a society's newspaper
  • Translator to norwegian
  • Translator to English. Applicants: Tatyana Shuvalova

Questions for discussion:

  • to start publishing a society's newspaper
  • to introduce an encouraging system
  • to make a survey among russian speaking residents of Trondheim about their interests and expectations from Skazka
  • principles and plan of using the rented premises
  • participation in 17 may parade
  • making changes to the society's charter

Welcome to the meeting!!!