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Victoria on wedding journey. Stockholm, February 1920. Photo by Wolfenstein

Victoria Bachke

Victoria Bachke (1897-1963; maiden name Rostin) is one of the very few, if not the only Russian in Norway who left a trace in its modern history. She is most widely known as the founder and first director of Ringve Museum - the National museum of music and musical instruments in Trondheim. She also wrote a book about the Norwegian naval hero Tordenskiold and set up an exhibit about him, which is however closed now.
Fru Victoria til Ringve - book cover   You can read about Victoria's life in this book, which contains many photographs and interesting stories:
Jan Voigt. Fru Victoria til Ringve. Cappelen, 1984. 124 pages.
The book can be purchased from Ringve Museum (the museum shop can sell it via mail order).
Trondheim Public Library has many copies of it. We have this book in our club library, too.
Victoria with Grigory Rasputin's harp   Chamber opera about Victoria (sheet music):
JOHANSEN, Bertil Palmar, 1954
HjerterDame til Ringve : En portrettopera om Victoria Bachke
<1999/2000>. - [Trondheim : Eget forlag, 2000].
Besetning: 4 voices(SMTBar), vln, vla, vcl, cl, bsn, perc, pf
Libretto(Nor): Cecilie Løveid
Victoria's book about Tordenskiold:
Victoria Bachke. Tordenskioldiana. Trondheim: Ringve museum: Tordenskioldmuseet, 1958. 478 pages.
(the book is available in Trondheim Public Library)
Victoria in her festive Russian-inspired costume

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