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REN TV about Russians in Trondheim

a news story broadcasted on Russian national TV in March 2002

View the video (2 min 30 sec):

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Who is on the video?

The story contains three interviews.
Natalia (still frame)  
Natalia Roedland talks about doing business in Norway and about her company.
Visit Porato Basko.
Katya (still frame)  
Ekaterina Prasolova-Foerland tells us exactly how her husband - Knut Foerland - found the way to her heart.
View Wedding pictures.

Besides interviews, the reportage includes views from the center of Trondheim and demonstration of cartoon in auditorium EL2. The last outdoor scene was filmed on the roof of Elektro building.


REN TV crew: Vitaly Buzuev (journalist), Igor Bondar (camera).
Video © 2002 REN TV.

Special thanks to Albert Lysko and Krzysztof Orleanski (at the Department of Telecommunications) for digitizing the video, to Anna Ivanova for bringing it from Moscow, and to Meena Dhavraj for letting me use her PC for video processing.

What does it take to publish a three-minute video for the first time?

This is probably the most effort-consuming piece of content on our site. Only preparing the Web formats took a week of work.

Especially laborious was producing the 1:1 resolution clip (1500 Kbps), because it required a 'smart' deinterlacing algorithm that removed interlaced lines ("combing", "mice teeth") around moving objects while keeping still parts of the frame intact. I invented my own algorithm of several steps that could be done by hand in Premiere 6.0, but later found quite a lot of info on existing deinterlacing methods. Since the resulting file became quite big, it also brought up some interesting issues on what limits the speed of Web downloads. I even missed a date due to this.

Yet after all the effort, one of the girls would demand to remove the whole clip, because she "doesn't like the way she looks in the interview" :-)

If somebody has another short video that fits the scope of this site, we can publish it.

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