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About Skazka

Skazka, Russian Society of Trondheim was registered as an organization in February 2000 by a company of good friends (mainly Russian-speaking, then mostly students). It opened new possibilities for arranging various activities. Also, the official registration allowed those activities to be supported by the Trondheim commune and Student Welfare Organization (Studentsamskipnaden).

We currently have 50—60 active members (more than 300 Russian-speaking people live in Trondheim). New people are coming every week.

We are a young organization, and searching for new forms of activity remains a top task. Please don't hecitate to come up with proposals and implement them, or just offer some help. The present and future of the Russian Society depends on you.

What we already have (you may also browse the event history year by year):

The club lets you get acquainted with more people, helps those with common interests to find each other and acquire new friends. Important and useful news reaches more people faster than before through our mailing list and personal contacts.

Our Web sites receive 400+ visitors daily - from Norway, from Russia and from the rest of the world.

You're welcome to browse this site and follow links. There is much more info that could fit into this short introduction.