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Auditorium EL4

The university has allowed us to use the auditorium with a video projector.
The auditorium is located in Elektro building on Gløshaugen campus. There is a blue electric locomotive near the entrance.

Plan of the campus
Gløshaugen campus

15 Cubes in Elektro building To find the auditorium inside the building, you can

We hope, the location of the main university campus is well known. You can walk to it from the city center, or take a bus to Studentersamfundet bus stop (roughly half of the city bus routes stop there), walk uphill towards the main building (the old one with towers) and work around its right corner. There are also buses that stop right on the campus: 5 and 52.

In the summer, the entrances to the building close before the film begins. If you are late, you can wait for some student or employee to pass the entrance, or you can shout towards the auditorium windows so that we hear you and open the door.

There is a parking lot near the building.

Smoking is not allowed inside university buildings (but you can smoke outside, or up on the building roof).