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Free Map of Trondheim

Free map? What free map? We no longer print them, would say the clerk in the office of bus company on Dronningens gt. 40. The map they have now is very small and doesn't show street names.

But you can buy there a timetable, all kinds of buss passes or a discount card for 30 rides (this is cheaper than paying by cash every time).

When you board the bus, don't forget to get a printed ticket. You can transfer to any bus by showing this ticket within the time stamped on the ticket (about one hour from the time of purchase). Also, there is a cheaper ticket valid only within the city center (midtby).

Remember that the bus will pass a stop unless the Stop button is pressed inside well in advance or somebody is standing by the border of sidewalk, obviously waiting for this bus. That means, you always have to press the button in advance.

There is also one street car line in Trondheim. The tram ticket also includes the transfer to a bus.

<– A lyric digression –>  Trondheim is very proud of the fact that it still has a tramline. Admittedly, it goes through picturesque places. There is a tramway museum in the city.

Getting around the town by feet or on a bicycle is often faster and more convenient than using buses.

Last updated in February 2003


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